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Filling Station Price Display (PD-124)

PD-124 is a 4 digit 12" LED Display specifically designed for gas/fuel price display.

Product Benefits

  • Improves service impression of gas stations.
  • Environment friendly and energy saving.
  • Can change the display price very conveniently.
  • Attracts customer's eye sights and increases sales.
  • It saves operational cost, labor cost.
  • Less then 1% yearly decay in light intensity.

Salient Features:

  • Wide Viewing Angle of 130º

Comcept LED gas sign can draw driver's attention from a distance due to long viewing angle so that more cars can see the LED gas price sign which makes better advertising effect.

7 Segments LED “8” digits PCB board
Color Red Character 7 segments per digital number
Wavelength 619-622nm(traffic standard) Drive Mode Static Constant current
Brightness 5000sd/m2 Voltage DC 12V
Horizontal Viewing Angle: 100º (traffic LED) “8” Power consumption 10.5W
Vertical Viewing Angle: 45º (traffic LED) Digit height 12 inch
Branch 4 red LEDs in one branch LED lines 3 lines
LEDs Life Span: >100,000 hours PCB board size (LxH) 220mm X 320mm
12 inch GAS Price Sign Control Box
Display Format 88.8.8 (Decimal selectable by remote) Power supply 300w Meanwell Power Supply
4 Digit Display frame size (LxHxD) 910mm X 350mm X 40mm Brightness sensor Automatic 8 level brightness control
Working Temp -20°C - +60°C Input voltage AC120V/220V
88.8.8 Power Consumption 42W RF Remote Controller 50-80m
4 Digit Display frame MS Control Method RF, TCP / IP (optional)
88.8.8 (with frame) net weight 2.5 Kg TCP / IP (optional) Need External Router
  • Control Box 

Includes: Power supply Brightness Sensor, Cooling Fan &
Control card

Integrated Circuit Board

Integrated PCB with less cable

  • Adjustable Brightness

Brightness is controlled by lights sensitive probe & remote control

  • Multi-Control Price Display

          PD-124 can be controlled & operate remotely with following options;

  1. RF remote controller.
  2. Wireless RF data transmission (100m).
  3. When connected to a computer, the Rs232 communication can have a maximum transmission distance of up-to 15 meters (optional).
  4. Connect computer software to the Rs485 communication and the transmission distance is up to 500m (optional).

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