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The core strength of Comcept lies in Product Development. Our design group has capability to develop systems involving electro-mechanical engineering, analog and digital electronics, firmware, application software and management systems.

In analog design, our experience covers switched-mode power supplies, analog multiplexing units, and special purpose electronic devices.

In digital electronics Comcept has design expertise in both legacy and emerging telecommunication systems. Our design efforts extend to embedded software starting from programming in low-level assembly language going up to fourth generation languages.

Comcept can design logging devices for a variety of interfaces at multiple levels for analysis and planning. We can help set up a comprehensive test facility for the standard measurement equipment and custom-designed test set-ups.

We develop application packages for Windows, Solaris and Linux environments, using C, C++, Visual C++, Java UML, PHP and Visual Basic. SQL server and Oracle are used as the database engines.

Comcept possesses the competency of product packaging and housing design using plastic materials as well as metals.

Last but not the least Comcept will deliver complete documentation including installation, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance manuals.

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