We envision a safer tomorrow!

We envision a safer tomorrow with our cutting-edge technological products, services, and solutions for the defense market.

Land Weapon Systems

Our land weapon solutions are designed to meet security needs that arise from a wide range of threats including military threats, terrorism, or natural disasters. By pushing the boundaries of what is possible today, we strive to develop technology for our clients future needs.

Fire Control System

Fire Control System

The modular design of our Fire Control System allows it to integrate with existing sub-systems on a wide variety of MBTs in accordance with the  customer requirements.

Remote Weapon Station

Remote Weapon Station

Comcept’s Remote Weapon Station enables the user to defend itself against air, ground and marine attack and can also be used in urban areas against asymmetric threats.

Fire Control System for Howitzer

Fire Control System for Howitzer

With our extensive portfolio, we are pursuing the design of Fire Control System for 155mm Howitzer.

Air Defense Systems

Our Air Defense solutions are custom built to meet the civil and military security requirements. The innovative systems enable our clients to deal with changing threat scenarios in current and future geopolitical situations.

Voice Communication System

Our Digital Voice Communication System interconnects the mission critical Ground-to-Ground and Ground-to-Air communications.

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