Fire Control System

Comcept offers a state of the art Fire Control system, along with a complete range of system integration solutions and services for line of sight weapon applications.

This is the outcome of more than a decade of experience of developing solutions for the armored vehicles of different origins.

Our product offering incorporates the latest technologies in the fields of mechatronics, power electronics, and mission computer (HW & SW). Key technologies in mechatronics and ballistic algorithms are based on common core elements, which allow future systems growth and tailored levels of capability. This enables maintaining commonality of parts and reduced logistics footprint.

The modular and versatile architecture of our systems and the strong integration make our suite of solutions ideal for the market of new platforms and convenient as upgrades of existing platforms, thus able to achieve performance comparable to the most modern platforms both on wheels and tracked.

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Comcepts takes pride in our customer support, which includes hands-on training, logistics, installation, integration, commissioning, online help, on-site maintenance, and component-level repairs.

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