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Energy Solutions

Indoor LED Light - Wall Mount (Indilux)

Energy consumption is no doubt a critical issue in the current crisis of energy. Companies are trying to find out ways and means to become energy efficient. Observation shows that major part of energy consumption is fluorescent / traditional lights after the air conditioning. To meet the challenge Comcept has introduced highly efficient LED lights for wall mount applications.

Design Features

  • Completely solid state and advanced technology based design.
  • Precision optical design, super brightness and high uniformity.
  • Professional heat sink design to reach the best cooling effect.
  • Designed to fit in the existing structure of wall mount.
  • More lighter than existing fluorescent tube lights..

Operational Features

  • It replaces traditional fluorescent tube lights with energy efficient 16W or 24W wall mount
  • 4W Indilux provide more lumen than 2x40W tube lights
  • ore lumen/watt and better output
  • ore power efficiency and cost saving
  • times more energy efficient as compared to traditional lights
  • orks on wide range of input AC variations, even on lower voltage up to 160V
  • year warranty and 15 years of lifetime

Technical Specfications
Indoor LED Light

Wall Mount Indilux

LED Power


Power Consumption


LED Flux


Lamps Efficiency


Cool Temprature

2100K ~ 6500K

CRI (Color Rendering Index)


IP Rating


Net Weight

Product Dimension 1200*156*50

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