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Payphone Network Solutions

Netsys-1000 Payphone Network Management

A Network Management System for optimal control and monitoring of the payphone network with the capacity to remotely monitor and control thousands of lines from one site.

CMS-4/8 Call Management System

CMS-4/8 is a 4 or 8 line Call Management System which monitors a combination of all types of Comcept's payphones to provide a low cost solution for public call shops

PMS Payphone Management System

This Payphone Management System can monitor the combination of 15 Land Line, GSM and CDMA Payphone at one site at a time.

Chip Card

Supply of ISO 7816 series chip card with personalization and customized print as per operator requirement. The local value addition is to ensure the security needs of the payphone operators.

CCMS Chipcard Management System

Chip Card Management System software is fully capable of fulfilling the user requirement of monitoring the utilization of chip cards with accurate information.

LPU Line Protection Unit

Standalone self-contained Line Protection Unit protects payphone lines from tapping and misuse. LPU can protect either single line or four lines at a time with a 4-line card and does not require additional power source. LPU Racks are available for the capacities of 60, 40, 16, 12 lines.


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