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Power supplies

In addition to standard line of Coulomb 1000 Rectifiers, Comcept offers custom designed switched mode DC power supplies ranging from 12V DC to 20KV DC with different current rating.

Coulomb 1000

Coulomb-I000 is a 19 inch rack mountable, dc power supply available in different models categorized by DC voltage rating and the load current. Coulomb 1000 has nominal power rating of up to 720 watts and is available in voltage rating of 24V, 48V or 60V.

CNG Dispenser Power Supply

Comcept has developed low voltage DC Power Supply for specially for CNG Dispensers, which has a built-in battery backup to solve the problem of load shedding. In case of power break down, the built-in battery backup is sufficient to run CNG Dispenser for 3 to 6 hours depending on the type of Display.

Power Magic

Power Magic is an innovative motor drive solution for Compressors at CNG station. It enables operation of CNG compressors at lower 3 phase line voltages, reduces the current taken by motor, saves energy cost, and decreases the wear and tear of compressors due to lower starting torque.
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